The Source Timeline

The GenDetective Source Timeline report provides a way to examine each event for an ancestor and study the sources that were cited to support this event.  The Source Timeline report was created at the request of user Russ Worthington.  You can find this report by navigating to two different locations in GenDetective 2.

In Reports By Task click on In Advanced User Mode click on
1. Tell me about my family 1. Create Reports Tab
2. Sources, citations & documentation 2. Sources
3. Personal source timelines 3. Source Usage
GenDetective Source Timeline Report
GenDetective Source Timeline Report


A sample page from a Source Timeline report is shown here. This report is organized by relative, with basic demographic details listed in the top section including your research progress for this person in each research area.

The main body of the report, which may extend for several pages, has the following information in each mini section:

  • Age of person at time of an event
  • The date, type of event and number of sources & citations
  • Name of event
  • Location
  • Number of media files (documents) associated with the event
  • Each source and citation associated with the event

When looking at this report I am looking for the completeness of my research:

  1. Have I recorded all events I know about or is information still waiting in a research file to be entered into the computer?
  2. Do I have sources  and citations for each event?
  3. Are the sources listed the sources I expect to see?  For example, do I cite a death certificate for someone who died in 1934 instead of just a death index.
  4. When examining multiple relatives from the same generation, am I using the same or equivalent sources for each person?  Is the level of detail the same between each person?

I frequently use this report when evaluating my research progress for a relative.  Happy researching.

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2 Responses to The Source Timeline

  1. Mark Dickson says:

    How did this report handle Jediah Rumble?


    Mark Dickson Annandale, VA 703.503.3459

  2. GenDetective says:

    Very well. His report is 17 pages long as I have chased him through city directories as well as all kinds of other records. Thank you for pulling his pension from the NARA, it answers some questions but raises others. Like how could he serve as a LT in 2 different Civil War units if he was losing his eyesight? -Sandy

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