What is the Multimedia File Listing Report Used For?

Have you ever wanted a list of the files you just downloaded from a website?  Or a list of the files you just scanned and loaded into your computer?

This morning I found a collection on ancestry.com called: Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Tax Records, 1782-1860.  My husbands 4th great grandfather  William Goodman lived in Bucks county in the 1840’s through his death in 1854.  His widow, Elizabeth Zimmerman was pregnant with William B at the time of her husband’s death.  William left her with a couple of properties, a mortgage, and three small children:

  • Emma born in 7 Mar 1850
  • Joseph born in 1851, who died 11 days after his father in July 1854
  • William B born 29 Nov 1854, 4 months after his father died

What I haven’t been able to determine is where in Pennsylvania William is from; Emma’s death certificate says he was from Chester county.  I know he had a brother Augustus, who married the widow Elizabeth, and died in 1870.  One of Elizabeth and Augustus’ children lists Augustus’ birth place as Philadelphia county.  The information I’ve found indicates the brothers were probably not from Bucks county.

When did they arrive or move into the county?  Maybe the tax records will shed some light on the questions.  I searched the Bucks County Tax records for both William and Augustus.  There were 35 pages pertaining to both of them which I saved on my computer in the taxes directory.  My next task is to record the information for both men in my family tree.  To do that I needed a list of the files that I had just downloaded and saved on my computer.  Using this list I can cross off each of the files as I record the information in my family tree.

GenDetective has a great report that I used for this task, the Multimedia File Listing, shown below.

Multimedia file listing

Multimedia file listing

This report provides a listing of the files in a directory, including all of its sub-directories.  Since I stored the taxes by year inside the county, you will see the listing for each year under genealogy\images\taxes\pa\bucks, grouped by directory name (the year) and then each of the individual files I downloaded.

I now have my work list, a listing of all the files I just downloaded from ancestry.com that need to be recorded (hooked up) in my family tree.

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2 Responses to What is the Multimedia File Listing Report Used For?

  1. Rosemary says:

    I would just use Windows Explorer’s Search command (from the Windows button on the keyboard or the icon on the bottom left) to accomplish the same thing. I tag files extensively with surnames at the very least and in your example I would tag with name and year and “taxes”. This assumes that indexing has been turned on.

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