GenDetective 2.2 Now Available!

GenDetective 2.2 is now available for you to download!  This update includes several new reports, other enhancements and corrections for issues.

You can download the update by clicking on this link:

Enhancements include

  • New report: People by county for state
  • New FamilySearch reports: People with Family Search Id’s, People without Family Search Id’s and a combination report People and their Family Search Id status.  Some genealogy products are recording FamilySearch Id’s in the GEDCOM files they create, when a match to the new FamilySearch Tree has been made.  These reports help you identify where matches have been made and what id’s are associated with each person.
  • State Marker Status: This report was omitted from version 2.0 and has been brought forward from GenDetective 2011.

Corrections include

  • In the Multimedia file references by person report, corrected the sort order
  • Corrected an issue with the screen where you can select individual people to include in a report
  • Enhancements to the GenDetective installation program

Best practice recommendation

You can run both GenDetective 1.6 and GenDetective 2 on the same computer at the same time, if you install GenDetective 2 into a different directory.  However, when switching between versions you may receive a notification from Microsoft Office about reconfiguring.  If this process does not automatically occur, we can show you how to “force” Office to switch, allowing GenDetective to connect to the database.  Please contact customer support if you have an issue (or the software hangs when connecting to the database) at

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