The Trip Guide

The Trip Guide view in GenDetective 2 was created for genealogists who do not have any or much experience planning a genealogy research trip.  At many conferences I have spoken with genealogists who, to date, have researched exclusively online.  When faced with the prospect of researching in the field, they have expressed uncertainty at how to proceed.  I have also spoken with other genealogists who have taken a few trips and not met with the success they expected from their trip.  The Trip Guide is designed to provide guidance, suggested approaches and identify the reports that will specifically help you plan your trip and create effective research plans.

The Trip Guide is located between the My Video Library and Reports by Task tabs in GenDetective 2.

GenDetective 2 Trip Guide

GenDetective 2 Trip Guide

The Trip Guide is broken down into 4 steps:

  1. Where are you traveling to?
  2. Who should you research?
  3. Preparing your research plan(s)
  4. Post trip follow-up

Each of these sections consists of a PDF document that offers guidance on completing each of these steps.  In addition, it suggests specific reports available in GenDetective that are designed to help you answer these questions and prepare your research plan.

The goal of the guide is to offer suggestions.  It is not the only way to plan a research trip.  Instead, it is designed to combine the elements of GenDetective that are designed specifically for trip planning with helpful advice so that you can feel confident when making that first genealogy trip that you will meet with success.  And, if you don’t find the records you were looking for, at least you will know it wasn’t because you were unprepared.  It will be despite the fact that you had done as much as you could before actually walking out the door.

Since it seems appropriate, I’ll end with the tag I use in at the end of each video in the GenDetective Video Series: being organized it no guarantee of success .. but it sure helps!

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