My Video Library and Report Help

In our last blog we discussed the My Video Library , a new learning tool built into GenDetective 2.  Today I want to take a look at the powerful feature built into My Video Library, the report help system.  This system provides a way to identify any video that discusses a report.  You can locate a report you want help with, based on where you find the report in GenDetective.  When you click on the report name you will see a list of the videos that discuss the report.  In addition to providing the name of a video, a time code is included (@XX:YY) after the video name.  This time code identifies the point in the video this specific report is discussed.  Instead of watching a video to locate the discussion on a report, you can fast forward to the discussion you are interested in.

My Video Library -- Report Hep System

My Video Library — Report Hep System

Looking at the picture above, use the slider (circled, under the arrow on the left), sliding it toward the right until the time code circled on the right sign has the time specified beside the video title.  Then press the play button (white triangle in the blue circle).  Some reports may be discussed in only one video, but there will be reports that are discussed in multiple videos (the My Vital Documents report is one such case).   Initially, many of the reports will not have video help, but as we add record more classes, this list will expand to become complete.

The video library will be updated on a weekly basis, or when you run GenDetective.  These updates will provide a way to keep up to date on the latest videos and report discussions, just like you can do with News.

So what do you think?

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