My Video Library

The My Video Library view is a powerful new addition to GenDetective 2.  My Video Library is your video learning and management center home.  As a central feature of GenDetective you can easily watch videos and learn about new features or reports.  In addition, My Video Library, manages the downloading and storing of GenDetective videos on your computer.  While the video library is not complete, it will continue to grow over time, adding to the knowledge base that is available to GenDetective users.

You can navigate to the My Video Library at any time in three different ways:

  1. Press the My Video Library in the toolbar (circled in blue)
  2. Press the My Videos tab on the left side of the screen (circled in blue)
  3. Under the View menu select My Video Library
My Video Library

My Video Library

On the left side of the screen is a list of the libraries and videos for each library that have been recorded.  You will notice 3 different images in the screen above

videoThis video has been downloaded to your computer and is available for viewing

keysThis video has been licensed but has not yet been downloaded to your computer

locked_2This video has not been licensed and is not available for viewing

The first question that you may have is do you have to purchase every video?  No, there are many videos that are included as part of GenDetective that demonstrate the usage of  the core features of GenDetective.  If you purchase GenDetective 2 on DVD these videos will be on the DVD.  If you purchase GenDetective as a download from the website, you can download the videos from at any time when you wish to view them (these videos will have the keys image).

This may cause you to ponder what videos would you license?  Our growing library of videos delve into the details of individual reports, and cover topics like source reports or trip planning.   You can purchase these videos from our website at  They will be available as single videos or as a collection on DVD such as “The Trip Reports” or “The Source Reports”. 

Your might wonder how you will know what videos are available?  GenDetective will download an updated catalog of videos from the website on a weekly basis, so that you will know what videos are available, or you can shop our online catalog at

In our next blog we will discuss the report lookup feature of My Video Library which is a very powerful new feature!

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