My Family View

In my last blog I said that we would start taking a weekly look at the major new features of GenDetective version 2.  So, here is the first feature .. the My Family View!  What’s that you ask?  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here you go.

My Family View

My Family View

My Family View is one of the key, central features of the next version of GenDetective.  Version 2 is very interactive, in the places where you see a name in the software, you can click on it, and you will immediately jump to the My Family View and see information similar to what is shown in the picture.

The key features of the My Family View are numbered in the picture above and they are:

  1. The person list: this is a list of your family members that meet the criteria specified in Step #2.
  2. Show my family who are: this option provides you with a way to see a subset of your family tree.  Your choices include: direct, close, distant family members as well as parents, grandparents, 2nd great grandparents .. 4th great grand aunts & uncles .. 1st cousins .. 3rd cousins .. all of the different relationships that are found in your tree!
  3. Research Progress Worksheet: the center area of the screen is filled with a research progress worksheet for the selected relative.  This worksheet summarizes your progress toward your personal research goals as well as identifying missing information.  In addition, it includes a timeline that has been expanded to include the number of sources, citations, multimedia files (our documentation).  For a closer look at the Research Progress Worksheet see this blog.
  4. Navigation area: the contents of these lists will “reload their contents” based on the person who is selected.  The lists will contain the selected persons: spouses, children, parents and siblings.  Each of the people listed can be “clicked on” which will shift the view, creating a new Research Progress Worksheet and reloading the lists with a new group of people.

How do you get to the My Family View?  You can click on the My Family button in the toolbar, you can select the tab My Family on the left hand side of GenDetective, or in the My Research Progress View, My Maps View or in the My Graphs View, you can click on a person’s name, and voila, you jump to the My Family View and immediately to a research progress worksheet for the person selected.

So, what do you think?

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