This and That

It has been a busy summer working on my dad’s house, teaching GenDetective classes every other Saturday, getting the children back to school, spending a week at GRIP learning about military records with Craig Scott, and of course, working on the next version of GenDetective.

We have now recorded several videos on using GenDetective v2.  These videos include:

  1. Overview of GenDetective
  2. My Family View
  3. My Maps View
  4. My Resource Progress
  5. My Charts
  6. My Video Library
  7. Introduction to Source Reports
  8. Multimedia Reports
  9. Beyond The Basic Source Reports
  10. Standardizing Place Names
  11. Generic and Special Locations
  12. So What is a GEDCOM File Anyway?
  13. Defining a Census, Tax List or Census Substitute
  14. Series of short videos: Exporting a GEDCOM File from …

This will be an ongoing process with more videos in the planning stages, including a series of videos on Trip Planning.  As we release new videos, GenDetective will notify you that new videos are available and you will be able to download and view them at any time from inside GenDetective!

This discussion of video classes may make you ask, “When will the next version of GenDetective be available?:  The answer is .. this Fall.  We will be starting a two-phase beta in the next couple of weeks:

  • Phase 1: Release to a small group of beta testers to make sure everything seems to be working correctly, including the installation
  • Phase 2: Wider release beta to users who are willing to try the new version of GenDetective and make sure it is working correctly

Next, the caveats, since this is a beta, that means the software may not work correctly and may contain errors.  I have been using the software to teach and record the classes, with only a few minor issues, but that does not mean all will be perfect.  If you are interested in testing the new software we will be having a sign-up for Phase 2 starting in mid-September, and we will send a short newsletter with the information needed to sign-up that will be titled “GenDetective Beta Information”.

Starting with the next blog, I will be discussing the new features in GenDetective v2 on a weekly basis.  Until then ..

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