Sources & Citations in GenDetective v2

In our last blog, Lets talk about sources & citations, we discussed sources, citations, and the Source Usage Statistics report.  The Source Usage Statistics report documents the number of references to each source by events, people and families.

Source Citation Usage for my direct relatives

Source Citation Usage for my direct relatives

What does the Source Citation Usage report look like in version 2?  It is surprisingly similar to the prior version, but with a very important difference.  In GenDetective v2, you can run the Source Citation Usage report by selecting specific relationship criteria:

  • By relationship class: direct, close, intermediate, distant or all
  • By specific relationship: 1st great grandparent, 5th great grandparent, 1st cousin, 3rd cousin, etc.  The choices you can select from are based on the relationship of each person in your family tree to the designated home person.

What is the benefit to you of this change?  The Source Citation Usage report identifies two things:

  1. The number of references to each source by the selected group of family members.
  2. The number of events without any supporting source.

Lets examine the number of references to each source.  What information can be gleaned from a such simple tally of references?  It gives us a way to identify how frequently we use a specific source as well as the sources themselves.

Questions I ponder when looking at this report:

  1. Am I dependent upon a source that I have found to be “unreliable” or “questionable”?  I have a small, long-term project underway, to remove references to a couple of dubious sources, replacing the unreliable sourcing with reliable sourcing.
  2. Do I have the breadth of sources that I would expect?  Looking at the sources, I examine the list to see if the appropriate records or comparable substitutes are present.
  3. Do I have references to all of the local sources that I would expect to find?  Maybe a genealogy research trip is needed to locate additional information.

What questions occur to you when looking at the Source Citation Usage report?  Share your thoughts by commenting on the post.

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