Aliasing (or Mapping) Events in GenDetective

Have you ever wanted to tell GenDetective that an event is “like another event”?  I have spoken with many genealogists who have created their own custom events.  Frequent areas for custom events include (but certainly not limited to):

  • Military service (WW1, WW2, WW1 Draft, Revolutionary War, ..)
  • Census records (NJ1865, MN1885, ..)
  • Personal appearance (height, weight, eye color ..)

Many times we  define custom events to more finely track events (service in different wars versus traditional non-wartime military service), where we find the standard generic definitions inadequate for our own style of research and genealogy.  I have several custom events related to my court-house research, one for each of the Pennsylvania death related court dockets:

    • Orphans Court
    • Inventory & Appraisement
    • Partition docket (court ordered division of a piece of real estate)
    • Executor’s Accounts
    • Auditor Accounts
    • Transfer Inheritance Taxes

These events are in addition to the standard Probate and Will events, and are a reflection of the complicated Probate process.  To track these different court dockets I use my own events and tell GenDetective that these events should be classified as a Will when looking at my personal research goals.

In the software world saying “this thing is like something else” is called Aliasing or Mapping depending on who you are speaking with.  Since the next version of GenDetective will include traditional maps (World, Country, State, …) lets use the term Aliasing.  Where might you use event aliasing in GenDetective?

To create an event Alias in GenDetective is easy and to do so you use the Analyzer.  For this example we will create an alias for the Orphans Court event.

Creating an event alias

Creating an event alias

  1. Launch the Analyzer
  2. Cancel out of the Wizard.
  3. Pick your family tree to load.
  4. Select the Event Definitions item (calendar) on the left.
  5. Locate your custom event GEDCOM tag (oc=Orphans Court).
  6. Change the drop down that says Event is unique, to Will.
  7. Press the Save Changes button.
  8. Exit the Analyzer.  Reload and run the Wizard as you normally would.

Good luck with your research.

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