Getting More From My Census Records

Have you ever wanted to “get more” information from your census records?  Maybe while working with a specific census record, you noticed the religious preference recorded.  Did you ponder  “what other census records have I found that also included religion?”.   How did you identify which people might be in that same census where you didn’t record the information?  In genealogy, looking to see who had information that we forgot to record can be a daunting task.

GenDetective includes a series of 10 reports, that will help you identify where you missed recording information that was in a census record.  In the Reports By Task view, you will find these reports under:  How can I get more from my existing research? Each of these reports is based on a piece of information that could be recorded in any given census:

  • birth information: year, month & location
  • parents birth location: mother & father
  • number of children
  • occupation: men & women
  • property
  • religion
People Missing Religion

People Missing Religion

These 10 GenDetective reports are used to answer questions like: “Who have I found a census record for, where the census recorded religion, but I did not record the person’s religion?”  Each report is similar to the Religion report shown here and identifies each person who is missing {religion, birth year, birth month, etc.} along with each census record found that records {religion, birth year , etc.}.  Looking at the report, you will see that I have 3 Iowa Census records that report the religious preferences of 3rd cousin, Thomas Wesley Bell, the 1905, 1915 & 1925.  Even with being told 3 different times what his religious preferences were .. I failed to record the information for Thomas!

Men missing occupation

Men missing occupation

Do you have to know which census reports a specific piece of information?  No, GenDetective knows which censuses record which information and will identify the people missing {religion, occupation, birth year, etc.} across any census record that you have found that reports that information.

Now that I have rediscovered these census reports, I need to get back to my family tree.  I have some information to dig out of my census records!

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