Research Progress Worksheet

A week ago I wrote about new functionality using maps and our family in GenDetective 2013.  None of the reports I wrote about were “new to me”.  I created them, and have been using them for my own research for a couple of months.  While writing about the maps and providing an initial peak at the Research Progress Worksheet I took another look at the report itself.

The strength of GenDetective lies in pinpointing the gaps, or missing information, in your  genealogy research.  For any given person, identifying research opportunities, albeit not by specific source, but instead missing pieces of information.  It is of course up to you, the researcher, to determine where to look for the missing data.  Nowhere in this new report was the missing information identified.  Yes, it includes the summary of progress, identifying my progress in different areas of research, but it did not tell me what I needed to find!

Now it does.  There are now several new sections in the report that occur between the research progress area and the timeline.   Take a look at each of the check box fields.  These include the major research areas for each person.  If this person never immigrated, the last two rows of check boxes will not appear.  If this person is living, the section of death related research will be omitted.  What do the color coding and check marks mean?  There are three possibilities for each demographic:

Research Progress Worksheet
Research Progress Worksheet
  1. Green text + check:  we found it!
  2. Black italic, no check: missing
  3. Blue italic, shaded: partial information

What do I mean by partial information?  An approximate date or a generic location (about 1856 or  Germany).  The next three sections in the report are optional:

  1. Missing census records
  2. Possible military service
  3. Marriages

These sections will only be included if they apply to this person.  If you have no recorded marriages for this person, the report will not include a marriages section.  The same applies to missing census records and possible military service.

The Research Progress worksheet finishes with the traditional timeline.  New to GenDetective 2013 is a third line for each event which includes the number of source citations, supporting media files and notation that a note is associated with the event.

I liked the original version of this report, but I like the new version of the Research Progress Worksheet even more.  What do you think?

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