Sneak Peak: Maps in GenDetective 2013

Lately we have been very busy working on the next version of GenDetective.  The software is starting to come together with new features and a new look. We have combined the Analyzer and the Reporter into a single program and added graphics.  Lots of graphics: maps, charts and graphs!  Using these new tools, you can examine your family from many different perspectives and identify records to locate or people to research.

World Map of My Family

World Map of My Family

Today we are going to start with maps.  Back in early summer I wrote an article What would I use these reports for?  which discussed how you could take some of the GenDetective statistic reports and “map” your family.  GenDetective will now do that for you, automatically!  Click on the map to the left to see a full size view, and take a minute or two to study the map and read the notes.  Each map is accompanied by a chart which shows information that pertains to the map.  This particular chart shows the number of events, people and average number of events per person for each country for my direct relatives.

Map of my 2nd great grandparents
Map of my 2nd great grandparents

Lets look at what happens if I select a specific country.  To pick a country I can:

  1. Click on the country in the map
  2. Click on the country name in the chart below the map

As before, click on the map to see a larger version that will allow you to read the notes.

Map of direct relatives in Pennsylvania

Map of direct relatives in Pennsylvania

List of Relatives in Indiana County

Relatives in Indiana County

Continuing our exploration of GenDetective 2013, I clicked on the state of Pennsylvania.  The image at the right shows the results.  Once I reach the bottom level of a map, the chart below the graph will show the list of people who are included in the map.  In this case, the chart shows my current research progress for each direct relative who lived in Indiana County, Pa.

New GenDetective report

New GenDetective report

What happens if you click on a person in the chart?  You will see a report, automatically generated, for the person you clicked on.  Take a look at this new report.  It combines your personal research progress for this person, with the information found in a traditional timeline.

What are your thoughts on the new maps?  Is there anything you would like to see added to this new report?  Take a minute to post a comment on the blog or email us at to share your thoughts.

Did you happen to notice, none of the maps include a legend?  Even software developers have to wait for bugs to be fixed .. things like legends not appearing where they are supposed too.

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