New GenDetective reports are alternative to spreadsheets

GenDetective 2011, version 1.6 was just released and it includes eight (8) new reports that provide the same functionality as our traditional tracking spreadsheets. You know, the ones you use to track who you have a death certificate for, and whom you still need to order a death certificate.  Or a birth certificate, marriage license .. those spreadsheets, we genealogists use to track the documents we have and don’t have.

People missing ..

People missing ..

The spreadsheets we have to keep up to date  or we risk losing track of someone who needs a document.  GenDetective now contains reports that provide an alternative to all of those tracking spreadsheets, without the need to maintain the spreadsheets.

You will find these reports under “Sources” in the Create Reports tab, or in “Where am I missing sources” and under “What information have I found?, Sources” in the Reports By Task tab.  These new reports, People with this event without ..:

People who have source

People who have source

  • .. this source
  • .. this source (details)
  • .. this source in state
  • .. this source in state (details)
  • .. this source in county

and, People with this event referencing ..:

  • .. this source
  • .. this source in state
  • .. this source in county

These new reports usually have a number of options, which allow you to precisely identify the people who should have a reference to a very specific source.



This report, will identify all of the people (in my tree) who died in Montgomery County, Pa between the years of 1893 – 1905 who do not have a county death certificate as a source for their death event.  What  would I do with this report?  Make a trip to the county archives and look for these relatives in the death books, or look up the county records online or in a local library.

What kinds of sources or documents can these reports be used to track?  Any source document available in a:

  1. Country
  2. State
  3. County

That has a year range and is associated with a specific event.  What type of event?  Any kind of event, ranging from:

  1. Birth certificates
  2. Death certificates
  3. Deeds
  4. Marriage licenses
  5. Military pension
  6. Obituary
  7. Probate records
  8. Or any other source document you use

Good luck in your genealogy research and enjoy using these new GenDetective reports.

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