Lets Talk Military Service

Over Labor Day weekend, I found a book *”Two hundredth anniversary of Heidelberg Union Church ..” by Raymond Hollenbach, published in 1940.  Much to my surprise a small section in the book was devoted to military service, specifically the American Revolution.  On pages 23-24 are the Muster Roll of the Third Battalion of Northampton County Militia, 1778.  Mr Hollenbach notes the rosters were included “Since the rosters are practically a list of male members of the Heidelberg congregations”.

What does this have to do with my research and GenDetective in particular?  In the roster was Charlie’s 6th great-grandfather, Johannes Rumbel (John Sr).  Looking at the list made me realize I had confined my military service age ranges to a very narrow age range.  The American Revolution, War of 1812 and Civil War all drew combatants that were outside the “ideal service ages”.  At the time of the Revolution Johannes was in his fifties!

To take a closer look at Revolutionary war service, I configured GenDetective to use a relaxed range of service ages for the American Revolution.  This can be done using the GenDetective Analyzer.

  1. Launch the GenDetective Analyzer.  Press the cancel button in the Wizard when it appears and browse to your GEDCOM file.
  2. Locate and select the cannonand the words Military Conflicts.

    How to configure the GenDetective Analyzer for Military Service

    Configuring Military Service in the GenDetective

  3. At the top of the panel, where it says Edit:, pick the war to configure. I picked the American Revolutionary War.
  4. Change the age range from the default to your desired ages. I used: 16 – 65.
  5. Press the Save Changes button.
  6. Exit the Analzyer with out saving your file (it will prompt you).
  7. Run the GenDetective Analyzer as you normally would.

Your changes will be reflected the next time you run a potential military service report!  Looking at the illustration, you may notice the field My Event is configured to Revolutionary War.  I use custom events to track military service and setting  the My Event field provides a way to associate my custom events with a specific war.  You can do the same; just remember to save your changes.

Using the expanded service ages for the American Revolution has allowed me to identify a couple more grand-uncles who served.  I have not finished going through the list, so who knows whom else I may discover served in the Revolution!

*Full book title is: Two Hundredth Anniversary of Heidelberg Union Church  Reformed and Lutheran. Heidelberg Township, Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania. Sunday,  August 4, 1940 by Raymond Hollenbach.

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