Personal Research Goal Reports

In Personal Research Goals we took a look at using GenDetective to configure your personal research goals, and how by using your goals GenDetective can identify the relatives where research opportunities may exist.  There are five reports in GenDetective that you can use to see how your existing research matches against your personal research goals.

My research progress
How are we doing?

My Research Progress Summary provides an immediate summary of your research progress for each relative.  Using the foot prints as a visual cue, you can quickly identify the relatives where research opportunities exist! But how, do you know what areas you should focus on, for each relative?

The Research Progress Worksheet is similar to the Personal Research Guide, with a section by section breakdown, of your research

GenDetective Research Progress Worksheet
Research progress worksheet

progress in the following areas:

  • vital statistics
  • death statistics
  • religion
  • census records
  • military service
  • occupation
  • immigration

Missing information is identified as missing, calling attention to areas where additional research may be possible.  Events that have a generic location (a country or state) or an approximate or missing date are also research opportunities.   If you see an event with an * beside it (*Will), this is an event that you have excluded from your personal research goals.  Areas of research that are not applicable to a person are completely excluded from the worksheet.

My Overall Research Progress
Overall Research Progress

There are three additional personal research goal reports that you may want to consider using.  My Overall Research Progress report provides an overall picture of your progress as measured against your personal goals.

Research Progress by Person
Research progress by person

The Research Progress by Person provides a visual breakdown, by research area, of your progress on each relative, providing a way to quickly decide if you want to further investigate someone.

Research Progress by the Numbers
Summary of research progress

The final research progress report, Research Progress by the Numbers, presents a condensed summary of the Research Progress by Person report, with one line per person.  Keep in mind when looking at the by the numbers report, that the numbers represent the number of foot prints that would displayed in any other research progress report.

We believe that personal research goals should be a reflection of your own personal goals.   These goals are unique to each genealogist and GenDetective is designed to provide you feedback and guidance based on your personal research objectives.

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