Trip Planning: More Cemetery Reports

In our last post we discussed two of the most frequently used GenDetective cemetery reports.  Today, we will explore some of the other cemetery reports.

Marker statistics by country

The Marker Statistics By Country takes a look at the states (regions) in a country, identifying the states where you have located markers, and the states where markers still need to be found.  The Marker Statistics By State helps you identify the counties (localities) in a state where you still need to identify markers.

Missing Cemetery Markers by Relationship
Missing Markers by Relationship

Instead of a geographic examination of the plots that need to be located, the People Missing Markers report identifies the relatives by relationship.  Use this report to prioritize your cemetery marker research by looking for the people that have the closest relationship to you.  Identify the cemetery that these relatives are buried in, then look to see who else may be buried nearby.

Cemetery Markers Located

Cemetery Markers Located

Equally useful is the People With Markers report. When planning our research, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information we still want, or need, to find.  Use this report to view the progress that you have made finding the burial sites of the relatives who are the most closely related to you.

Markers Missing in Cemetery
Markers Missing in Cemetery

When researching a cemetery online, or walking the cemetery itself, use the Markers Missing in Cemetery report to identify the graves you are looking for.  Anyone who has a grave in this cemetery that you have already found will not be on the list!

Our final report may just be the strangest report in GenDetective!  Frequently, I enlist the help of my daughters when walking through a cemetery,

Marker Statistics by County

Marker Statistics by County

much to their displeasure.  In order to make the process of walking a cemetery go faster, my oldest daughter requested a list of people.  I, of course, handed her the list of people we were looking for in the cemetery.  She informed me that, as far as she was concerned, the list was useless.  What she wanted was a list of last names, nothing else, just a list of last names.  Her solution is to take a picture of every marker where the last name is on the list.  It is my job to delete the pictures that are not of the relatives or people I am looking for, or share them on FindAGrave.  By combining the list of known surnames for a cemetery, with the list of the people who died in the town/township, she has a list of surnames to look for in any given cemetery.  Much to the bemusement of my children, while this report has speeded the process of walking through a cemetery, it now means we have more time to visit other cemeteries 🙂


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