Trip Planning: Cemetery Reports

GenDetective has many cemetery reports, however, today we are going to focus on two of most popular cemetery reports.  Both of these reports are ideally suited to trip planning and online research (think FindAGrave,, etc).  These reports are found in two locations, the Create Reports tab, in the Marker & Obituaries category.  They are also in the Reports by Task tab, under How can I organize my research trip?, select Cemetery markers (they have this name):

  • Cemetery list for county (County statistics for located and missing)
  • Markers missing for county cemeteries (To find in this county)

The Cemetery list for county identifies the number of grave sites located, and missing, at each cemetery in the target county.  In addition, it includes the towns in a county where relatives have died, but the cemetery they were buried has not been identified.  Using this report, you can quickly identify cemeteries to visit.

GenDetective report Cemetery Statistics for County
Sample cemetery statistics for county report

Examining the sample report, you will find the first entries are for the town of Armagh, in Indiana County, Pa:

  1. Armagh 0 located & 9 not located
  2. Armagh Cemetery 0 & 8

This information suggests that we may want to visit the town of Armagh on our research trip.   We have 8 graves to locate in the Armagh Cemetery, plus there are 9 additional relatives who died in town!

How do you know which relatives to look for in Armagh, or in the Armagh Cemetery?  Run the Markers Missing for County Cemeteries report!  This report identifies those people whose final resting spot has not been located. In the Markers Missing report, each cemetery is listed on its own page, as is each town.

Markers to find in Cemetery and Town

Markers to locate

This sample Markers Missing report identifies the 8 people whose burial plots we need to locate, organized by surname, in the Armagh cemetery.  The second page (overlaid onto the first) shows a partial list of the 9 people who died in the town of Armagh.  If we visit the Armagh cemetery (online or in person), we should search for the people from the first page of the Markers Missing report and for the people listed in page 2 of the Markers Missing report.

By using these two complimentary GenDetective cemetery reports, you can quickly plan your cemetery research.  Whether you visit a cemetery in person, or via the internet, you are well prepared for your burial research.  In our next post we will examine a couple of the lesser known, but equally useful, cemetery reports.

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