New Unindexed Census Report

New to version 1.4 of GenDetective is the Unindexed Census report.  This report comes in two versions, one for families and one for individuals.  It is ideal to use for finding people in the 1940 US Census, or any other unindexed census.

GenDetective Unindexed Census Report

New GenDetective Unindexed Census Report

Why create this new report?  When the 1940 Census is released on April 2nd it will be unindexed. This means that all of the tools that we genealogists depend on to get a “name hit” for a census will not be available.  Instead, we will have to examine each page in an Enumeration District (ED) to see if our family is listed on the page.  But how do we know in which ED we should look for our family?  An ED can be anywhere from a few pages to a few hundred pages long.  A free tool has been developed to help with this task, providing a way to translate a 1930 ED to the 1940 ED, or map a street address to its 1940 ED.  These free tools can be found at

The new GenDetective Unindexed Census report is designed to extract the information you recorded about a family or person so that it can be used with these mapping tools.  The information included in the report is all events 20 years before AND after the census year.  For each event you will see:

  1. The event itself
  2. Any notes attached to the event
  3. Your source citation for the event
  4. Any address recorded for the event (This not supported by all genealogy software.)

You will find this report listed in the two different areas of the GenDetective Reporter.  In the Create Reports tab, under the Census Records category of reports.  You can also find this report in the Reports By Task tab, organized under these tasked based options:

  • How can I organize my research trip?
  • Microfilm research
  • Census records

Using all of the information extracted for each person, or family, you can quickly identify what subset of pages you need to examine in the 1940 Census, or any other microfilmed or unindexed census to find your family!

Note: RumbleSoft is not affiliated with the website or the tools found at

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