New to the Reporter: Reports By Task

We have introduced an exciting new feature to the GenDetective Reporter, Reports By Task.  This is an additional tab found in the Reporter (version 1.3), that uses a series of questions to identify one or two reports that can be used for a specific task.  The top-level questions (tasks) are:

GenDetective Reporter: Reports By Task
Reports By Task View (click to enlarge)
  1. How can I organize my research trip?
  2. What information should I research online?
  3. Which reports help with my research efforts?
  4. Where am I missing sources?
  5. How can I get more from my existing research?
  6. What does my family look like?
  7. How close am I to meeting my research goals?

Several of these tasks have additional questions.  For example, “How can I organize my research trip?” has the following questions:

  1. My trip
  2. Microfilm research ( followed by Census records, Obituaries, newspapers and books)
  3.  Cemetery markers

This view, Reports By Task is featured in the new GenDetective Video Series video, “Using the GenDetective Reporter”, available from our website at:

This new interface should make it easier and quicker to identify reports to use for any research task.  Let us know what you think of this new GenDetective™ feature.

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1 Response to New to the Reporter: Reports By Task

  1. Becky Pyle says:

    I love, love, love this new format!!!! I loved the program before, but I’ll admit that I would forget exactly what report I wanted. Thank you!!!!

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