Help Standardize My Locations!

How can GenDetective™  help me identify my non-standard locations?  In Location, Location, Location! we discussed how important it is to standardize the locations in our genealogy data.  GenDetective™ has several reports that can help identify the the non-standardized location names in your family tree data.

Unknown states/regions

Unknown states/regions imported from my GEDCOM file!

Unknown states imported from GEDCOM identifies each of the states, regions or territories that did not have a match in a country.  For example, when recording a location in West Virginia, I occassionally mistype the state abbreviation as “WVa” instead of “WV”.  If I have the location:  Hometown, Some county, WVa, USA, I will find the unknown region WVa in the country listing for the United States.   However, if I type the location as: Hometown, Some county, WVa, I will find the unknown region WVa in the country, Unknown!

Locations missing GPS coordinates

Locations missing GPS coordinates

Locations missing longitude or latitude identifies each location that does not have GPS coordinates assocatied with it.  Some of the newer genealogy programs provide you with a way to record the actual GPS coordinates of a town or cemetery.  Having recorded the coordinates in a single location ensures that you can always return to a location, especially some of the overgrown or hard to find cemeteries.  Providing coordinates for the places in your genealogy data (some programs can automatically do this for you), enables you to quickly identify places that have non-standard names, or no longer exist.  They are the locations without GPS coordinates!

Locations report


Locations is an alphabetical listing of each location in your family tree with the number of events that occurred there.  This report puts, in a single place, every location in your data, so that you can eyeball it for compliance.

Events occurring in state

Events occurring at locations in state

Events at each location in a state provides a breakdown of each location, in a state, by county.  The report provides a way to see locations arranged side by side.  Looking at the sample (click to see it larger), you will notice that one location is Elderton, and it is also recorded as Elderton, Plumcreek Twp with two (2) events.  The location Elderton, Plumcreek Twp, should be combined with the town of Elderton, to make a single location for a total of 433 events.

Location summary for state by county

Location summary for state

Location summary for state is similar to the Events at each location in a state, except that it stops the breakdown of events at a town/township level, instead of displaying the names at the most granular level as Events at each location.

Using several of the location reports in GenDetective™, you can quickly identify the locations in your data that are in a non-standardized format.

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