Welcome to the GenDetective™ Blog

Welcome to our new Blog.  The purpose of this blog is to discuss ways to more effectively use GenDetective™!  We plan to discuss many different features and reports including, but not limited to:

  1. How GenDetective™ works
  2. How to map your custom events
  3. Discuss the trip reports and how they can help you plan your research trips
  4. Look at reports targeting online research or finding questionable data
  5. How to extend GenDetective’s functionality

There are many ways to conduct genealogy research, and as such, there is no single right or wrong way.  Our goal is to encourage discussions of concepts and ways to use GenDetective™ to aid in your personal genealogy research goals.  Any discussion will naturally include the pros and cons of the product or a report.  Constructive criticism is welcomed as part of the dialog, but criticism of individuals or their research methods negatively impacts an open discussion.  If a report we discuss doesn’t work with the way you research, tell us how you research and source so that we can improve the product to fit a wider range of research methods.

We plan to start slow with approximately two articles a month depending on the topic and its complexity.

Topics we plan to cover (in no particular order)

  1. Standardizing place names
  2. Mapping custom census events
  3. Mapping custom military events
  4. How to add your own military conflict
  5. How to add a census substitute
  6. What are generic locations?
  7. What are those numbers beside my people’s dates?
  8. The value of family lines
  9. What is the number of children event?
  10. Are you ready for the 1940 US Census release?
  11. State censuses
  12. Grave sites and grave markers
  13. How often do should I run the Analyzer?
  14. How do I configure relationships (close, intermediate & distant)?

What topics would you like us to cover?  Respond to this post and suggest other topics you would like to hear about!

This is a monitored blog and comes with the usual disclaimers and policies.

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